August 19, 2014

The Worst Part of SCHOOL!

Now that I have your attention let's talk LUNCH.

This seems like a dumb topic to anyone who doesn't teach, I'm sure!

Last year, I made the school years resolution to eat lunch everyday. It was the first year in eight years that I did it! I did most of the work, but my principal helped me with this because she gave me a plan period with my 1/2 hour lunch. This allowed me to eat while preparing for afternoon classes (usually I would have 1/2 hour and use it to get ready for 3-4 hours of teaching in the afternoon instead of eating.) Cooking is my achilles heal, which is funny because my hubby is a chef. But the reality is I pretty much do the cooking and shopping, because the shoe makers children never have shoes right?

My new school years resolution is to make lunch preparation fun. My daughter is going to be with me at the preschool at my school and it would be nice to know that we have lunch and snacks for when school let's out and she comes to help me with cleanup.

So I found this AMAZING website that I want to share with you. I really want this book too but it costs as much as an order of takeout so I can't justify it right now!

What's your lunch time like? Do you have time to eat, grab some caffeine, or do you make lunch a priority? I think people in other fields would be amazed at how extremely demanding teaching is, finding time for lunch and even peeing needs to be planned to the minute. Do you agree?

August 17, 2014

Whole Brain Teaching for the Art Teacher

I have been using some whole brain teaching strategies for a few years now.

I do it because IT WORKS! It's exhausting, you'll see why in a second, but isn't correcting bad behaviors even more exhausting? Whole Brain Teaching does the job of getting kids engaged, keeping them on task, and setting clear expectations.

If you want to try it out this year, here's the first step, set clear rules:) Then you say them, everyday, your kids repeat them, you use funny voices when it starts to get boring, use hand gestures to help memorize them, yeah I told you it's not easy, but it works.

To get started here are the rules (I added the famous art.) Feel free to use these signs,  I'm not sure about the copyright for educational purposes.