October 1, 2014

Classroom Crashing Continued

Kinder through second grade always start class in circle.
My little stool is just low enough to let me be part of the group.
Part Deux: My Cozy Classroom

If you like it then you should've put a frame on it. oh oh oh oh oh oh

More Frames.
These frames are made of styrofoam and are super light.
Want some?
I have NO IDEA where to buy them.
My mom bid on them at an auction (the person who owned the house was an interior designer and used them for staging)
She paid $20.00 for a huge bag of them! She knew I'd love them. 

This is the work horse of my room.
It is a hand-me-down from my good friend's classroom, you can still see the names. I use it to
store art; each class has their own shelf.
It is perfect, except it is four cubbies to small and every year that number grows!

View from my desk.

Hope you liked the tour of my art room! Hauling my camera to school and finding a minute to snap these pics was an epic feat for me. But, I really wanted to share with you this cozy space that I get to work in. I love seeing your rooms too. 

September 26, 2014


I am going to post a picture a day of my COZY and I'll add creative art room!

Today I'm sharing with you the corner of the room that my students dream of. . . Art Centers. There has been a lot of talk about student choice in the art room, but I find student choice impossible to manage full time for 500 students.  So this is my solution, 10 to 15 minutes every other week we fit in some free-choice in the form of art centers. I'm still working on getting students to follow all of my art center procedures. First we get a tray and choose a spot, then we choose a center, all materials stay on the tray (to make sure no one is tripping over projects on the carpet.) We are not there yet but each time we take out centers they get better and better and since we only do it every other week it will take some time and modeling. In this corner of the room you also see our objectives board (I CAN board), rules, maps, demonstration easel, teacher "perch", smock storage, and a few little things I do to make my room homey, lamps, air purifier and music. Show me your art room in the comments! Link me up:)

Check out this cozy
corner of my room! More classroom crashing to come.

August 24, 2014

Goodbye summer. Hello School.

First Grade Summer Self Portrait
(a few years old now I think I forgot to share this one. . . or I'm getting old and already shared it!
But it was a fun lesson worth a repeat share)

Tomorrow is back to school for teachers in Connecticut. 

Last year, I gave students a sunglass template as a springboard to creating their summer self-portraits. They drew their face using a mirror, but when it came to the eyes they used these really cool paper glasses I made for each student. Inside their glasses they drew something that reminded them of summer. A reflective self portrait (get it laugh/snort). We have this big tradition on the last day of school/first day of summer to wave to the kids as they drive away on the bus. The bus drivers beep and the teachers line up on the sidewalks waving to our kids. I just love this memory! This student did that scene in her glasses for her summer portrait.

This was one of the best summers ever and I tried not to soak in every minute.
What is it my mother used to tell me when I really didn't want to do something? 
"You always have the best time when you least expect it!" I hope the WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT rule will apply to this year.

In the meantime, try this little parlor trick to start the year of with confident creative kids. Give them a small springboard to create their art work (like sunglasses in a self portrait.) Especially in the beginning of the year when kids are building their confidence this little bit of assistance goes a long way. It's also interesting to point out to students at the end of the lesson, although they all started with the same supplies and glasses each one is completely unique. You will be surprised at how motivated and creative your students will become with a little parlor trick like this:)

and here are some personal pictures from my summer fun:)

I made a new desk:)

Played in our backyard.

Went to the beach! Went shopping (got the N for my family necklace) got our nails did.

Ate way too much ice cream.


One beach day of many from Connecticut shores to the Jersey shores. Loved it.

Woke up every morning to this girl running to the piano.
Had time to listen to her play.